Saturday, 8 May 2010

What happens next?

So what happens now? We know there's water between 50 and 80 metres below Wellbank (you've seen the photos and video), but how do we get it to the cows and the house?

The drill and all the shafts have been pulled up, unscrewed and loaded back onto the rig.
The drill head

The blue liner has been pushed down the borehole fixed in placed with 2 metres of grouting.

And later we'll be using blue water pipe and a submersible pump

It will then be covered with a inspection chamber

The driller has gone away but will be back soon and we then carry on with Pressure Vessels, pumps, electricity, testing and deciding the best route.
When James caught some water in a bucket (see the video in the previous post) he put some into an empty (Gin) bottle and left it on the windowsill. It hasn't taken long to settle (there is hardly any sediment).
It looks good enough to drink!

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