Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Where to see all our news . . .

I know that this Blog has been neglected lately - but it's been rather superseded by up to the minute news on Twitter.

Twitter is not all celebrities' soundbites - but a glimpse into the myriad and different lives of people all over the world. I was the first at Strickley to use it (as an exercise to see if I could get the Weather Software to Tweet automatically - yes), and occasionally  post things that are of no real interest to anyone.

But, then James took it up and has never looked back. So log onto Twitter, search for James Robinson (Twitter ID is @JRfromStrickley), and click on Follow. or just click on this link. But this week is special. All year a Twitter account has been used by a different farm each week. They Tweet as many times a day as they can, about their particular farm. And this week the baton has been taken up by James - so his user name this week is @FarmersOfTheUK. Click here and follow him. He promises it will be informative and interactive (and fun).