Friday, 14 May 2010

Caught on camera

Last year on Saturday 30th May we started mowing for the first silage cut (see the Blog entries).
We always make a note of these dates, but just in case we forget it's been immortalised by the Eye In The Sky (aka Google Earth). The picture below shows the empty silage pit, James mowing Strickley Hill and Henry rowing up in the Barn Field. The date on the bottom of the screen confirms it was taken 30/05/2010. I would have liked to have put a link to Google Earth, but failed miserably. If you have Google Earth - search for LA8 0LU. That will bring up Bleaze Hall (same postcode) so move a bit northwest to Strickley.

If you use Streetview you can tell that the street level cameras captured us later in the day as the grass is rowed up and we're just waiting for the contractor to come and start picking up.

It's fascinating what you can see - hours can be idled away. If you scroll down to our pond, you can even pick out a swan on the bottom island!

.Happy browsing!

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Rob said...

Google Maps online uses the same images as Google Earth and you can link or embed the link easily -,-4.064941&sspn=19.721073,42.055664&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Kendal,+Cumbria+LA80LU,+United+Kingdom&ll=54.298799,-2.699917&spn=0.00237,0.005134&t=h&z=18