Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter is upon us . .

 . . we started hedging today (at the top of the lane for those who want to see us in action)

Remembering my Grandfather

My maternal Grandfather, Isaac Edward Blamire, was born in 1902, the eighth of eleven children. He was born in Castle Carrock, but by 1911 was living in Kendal on Windermere Road. In 1923 he married Jessie Garnett and they had one daughter, my mother Marjorie.

For much of his working life he was the caretaker of The Provincial Insurance Company at Sand Aire House, living in at one point, what seemed to me as a young child, a wonderful flat on the top floor of the building, and later at Melrose Place. Despite living and working in town he was a countryman at heart and my first visits to Kendal Auction were with him in school holidays.

He never served in the First World war but was called up at the end of 1941. He was passed as fit by the Medical Board

and in January 1942 was  sent out to the war in the East.

He didn't come home again until 1946.

He was a prisoner of the Japanese and despite what may have been written on postcards supposedly sent by the prisoners, suffered deprivation and hardship.

Before repatriation he was sent to India to recuperate and convalesce. He was then able to write home for the first time 

first page of a long letter

He had missed my mother's wedding, but was there for my Christening in 1948. Seen here with my Godmother Alice (Isaac's sister) on the top Sand Aire House.

After the war his life returned to normal, working at the Provincial until he retired and he and Jessie moved into a house on Hallgarth. My Grandmother Jessie died in 1977 and my Grandfather in 1982. 

Great Grandchildren Victoria, James and Robert with Granda Ike summer 1982

There are lots of reasons while I'll never forget him, but among the most light hearted are - 

Growing so many raspberries on his allotment that I could have them for breakfast.
Teaching me to swim.
Getting a liking for curry whilst in India and having Nan make it (whose recipe I have).

Isaac Edward Blamire
1902 - 1982
Remembered today and always.

Monday, 3 November 2014

I think I've got it right this time . . .

. . . the cows are staying inside today (and for the rest of the winter). Unless someone here knows differently and I see them walking past the window.