Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shorthorn Journal

Click here to read the 2013 Shorthorn journal hot of the press!

Read all about the Dairy Shorthorn world (including of course the Strickley Herd).
And look out for a very fetching photo of James!

Computer problems

Just so you know, we've got a bit of computer problem at the moment. Our main desktop PC is temporarily (we hope) out of action. So, there will be no weather updates for a while.
We'll still be contactable on the usual email. I now need to find friendly IT person who can offer some practical advice. Someone reading this might get a call soon.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Another milestone

Today I am older than I was yesterday. Not just a few hours or a day older, but a year older. I can no longer sing that well known song heralding "old age" as something way in the future. Are there any songs about being sixty five? It's rather a transitional age - women of my age could have been claiming their pension for five years, while their male counterparts were just qualifying. (And that will no longer apply). I could still have been at work (but I chose to retire three years ago). Retirement is maybe not the correct term - more something like, stopped going OUT to work.

As befits someone at an age that was once considered really really old, I have had a lazy day.

I slept in (till 8.30!) and Henry made breakfast (after he, poor old pensioner had been working for two and a half hours).
I opened my presents - an amazing selection - something for the inner body (and mind) as well as the outside - and much more apt cards than I ever find.
We went for lunch at a local farm shop/café, and this afternoon I have been doing nothing more strenuous than playing with my latest gadget. (In the end, hints weren't quite enough for Henry, and I had to take him to a local PC store and extol the virtues of what I had my eye on)
And tonight, Henry and I, together with James and family are going out for a celebration supper.

And to finish, a song for the future. Written by John Lennon, but sung here by Glenn Campbell

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Last week - no Christmas trees.

This week - eight Christmas trees!

    One huge one in the hall (taking up half the floor space)
    One in 4 front bedroom windows.
    Two in the sitting room windows
    One sparkly little red thing on the big bookcase.

Swags, dangly things and lights along the kitchen beams.

Presents bought and wrapped. Some given out.

Have we enough food?
Have we enough drink?
Probably - but we wouldn't want to under-cater.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Cards all posted.
Presents all bought (including Henry's)
First batch of presents wrapped ready for delivery this weekend.
Christmas cake made (just come out of the oven and it smells wonderful!)
Tree lights tested - four sets working, one set not working, one set missing presumed dead.
Bedroom trees on windowsills ready for the Switch On on Saturday.

Herd Competition

Last night the North West Association of Shorthorn Breeders held their annual dinner. The main event, after the food, was the announcement of the results of the 2013 Herd Competition, and presentation of trophies and certificates.

These were the results - I have copied and pasted them from another document, so they may or may not display and be formatted correctly. (Saves retyping)






Class 1 Large Herds


1st       Winbrook Herd                                 G A & D W Dent

2nd     Whitchester Herd                             C Hall

3rd      Strickley Herd                                   Messrs Robinson

=3rd    Kirkbryde Herd                                 M Robinson


Class 2 Small Herds


1st       Beaconview                                      J Handley

2nd     Briscoll                                               Mrs Coulthard

3rd      Moorriggs                                          P Armstrong

4th      Newpark                                            D Craig


Class 3 Young Stock Large Herds


1st       Whitchester Herd                             C Hall

2nd     Strickley Herd                                   Messrs Robinson

3rd      Winbrook Herd                                 G A & D W Dent

4th      Brafell Herd                                       J Teasdale


Class 4 Young Stock Small Herds


1st       Beaconview                                      J Handley

2nd     Moorriggs                                          P Armstrong

3rd      Briscoll Herd                                     Mrs Coulthard

4th      Tahuna Herd                                     D Jackson


Class 5 Heifer in Calf


1st       Strickley Oak Barrington 29th        Messrs Robinson

2nd     Newpark Jean 22nd                         D Craig

3rd      Moorriggs Swell 2nd                       P Armstrong

4th      Mossrigg Poppy Barrington           J Fisher


Class 6 Heifer in Milk


1st       Strickley Lily 15th                          Messrs Robinson

2nd     Winbrook Foggathorpe Lass 5th   G A & D W Dent

3rd      Beaconview Lady Rose 2nd          J Handley

4th      Oxton Foggathorpe 677th              T Moscrop


Class 7 Cow to Have Calved Twice


1st       Beaconview Fillpail                        J Handley

2nd     Strickley Goldie 198th                     Messrs Robinson

3rd      Whitchester Lucky Lady                 C Hall

4th      Winbrook Peeress Rose 12th        G A & D W Dent



Class 8 Progeny of One Bull


1st       Marleycote Lucky Man                  C Hall

2nd     Llandovery Jinnys Empire             Messrs Robinson

3rd      Winbrook King Henry                    Mrs Coulthard

4th      Winbrook Marmaduke                   G A & D W Dent


Class 9a Bull on Inspection Only


1st       Marleycote Gold Blend                  G A & D W Dent

2nd     Middlebankend Digger                   N Barker

3rd      Briscol Laird                                    Mrs Coulthard

4th      Winbrook Pedro                              G A & D W Dent


Class 9b Bull on Inspection and Production


1st       Marleycote Gold Blend                   G A & D W Dent

2nd     Strickley Maximus                           Messrs Robinson

3rd      Briscol Laird                                    Mrs Coulthard

4th      Middlebankend Digger                    N Barker


Class 10a Cow on Inspection Only


1st       Winbrook Peeress Rose                 G A & D W Dent

2nd     Marleycote Barrington Iris 15th       J Fisher

=2nd   Strickley Starlet 94th                       Messrs Robinson

4th      Briscol Graceful Lady 4th               Mrs Coulthard


Class 10b Cow on Inspection and Production


1st       Marleycote Barrington Iris 15th     J Fisher

2nd     Briscol Graceful Lady 4th               Mrs Coulthard

3rd      Strickley Starlet 94th                      Messrs Robinson

4th      Winbrook Peeress Rose                 G A & D W Dent


Class 11 Best Pure Bred Animal


1st       Parton Perry Pansy 6th                  J Hewson

2nd     Oxton Foggathorpe 677th              T Moscrop

3rd      Kenprest Lady Hermione 10th        J Teasdale

=3rd    Tahuna Dewdrop                             D Jackson




Saturday, 7 December 2013

Live Music

There's nothing like live music. It doesn't have to be in a grand concert hall or massive arena. And maybe it's better in a small venue where the band and/or singers are near to the audience. There's nowhere to hide - no backing tracks, no session players or singers. And definitely no dancing girls. With the Brewery theatre sold out to an audience who seemed to be avid knowledgeable fans, the Show of Hands gig last night was a memorable end to our season of concerts.

There was no support as such - but each member did three songs on there own, giving us a chance to admire their individual skills - especially Miranda.

As usual there was interaction with the audience and a chance of joining in with songs. There were songs from old albums, favourites which are even more appropriate now (Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed, and Katrina) as well as a Springsteen song and No Woman No Cry. An acoustic version of "Don't be a Stranger" brought a wonderful evening to a close.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A day of two halves

If you have been looking at our weather page, you will have seen the wind speeds today - up to 76 mph. As far as we can tell there's no damage at Strickley, but James had to nip up New Hutton Lane to saw up a fallen branch, and Henry was diverted on his way back from the auction (fallen tree on Oxenholme Brow).

Back home I was getting a bit wound up as the stove struggled to get going. There seemed to be a malicious force putting it out every time there was a glimmer of a flame. It probably didn't help that the wind was blowing down the chimney.

Meanwhile the computer was having a bad day. Not exactly not working, but a fan was making excessive noise. Even with some music turned up high I knew it was not quite right. I do backup regularly (half a lifetime in IT taught me that), but if it was about to expire I wanted copies of the work I had done yesterday (certificates for the North West Regional Herd Competition).

But all has calmed down now (even me). After dinner we removed the cover of the PC tower and saw what I expected - a very large quantity of dust. Judicious use of a vacuum cleaner (I remembered not to say "Hoover"), and twice as long trying to get the side back on the runners, and it's running smoothly and silently.

The wind has shifted direction and calmed down and the fire is burning brightly. Panic over.

P.S. - this morning we brought in the last of our stock - 12 heifers and a bull. So everything is warm and dry inside now for Winter) but not too warm, as that can lead to problems).

Monday, 2 December 2013