Monday, 31 March 2014

Lion and Lamb

I begin with an apology - because I have pasted in some weather data, my fonts seem to have gone on the blink, and the layout is a bit odd. Sorry!

The old wives' saying that if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb (and vice versa) is not quite true this year. Looking back it was obviously cooler at the beginning of the month - the extract from our weather logs shows the details, but nothing too drastic.

 Average temperature     = 4.2°C
 Average humidity        = 88%
 Average dewpoint        = 2.4°C
 Average barometer       = 1001.9 mb
 Average windspeed       = 5.2 mph
 Average gustspeed       = 6.6 mph
 Average direction       = 359° ( N )
 Rainfall for month      = 0.06 in.
 Rainfall for year       = 10.50 in.
 Rainfall for day        = 0.06 in.
 Maximum rain per minute = 0.01 in. on day 01 at time 23:27
 Maximum temperature     = 6.1°C on day 01 at time 16:25
 Minimum temperature     = 2.8°C on day 01 at time 00:01
 Maximum humidity        = 93% on day 01 at time 10:51
 Minimum humidity        = 78% on day 01 at time 20:20
 Maximum dewpoint        = 3.9°C on day 01 at time 14:40
 Minimum dewpoint        = 1.3°C on day 01 at time 0:01
 Maximum pressure        = 1005.1 mb on day 01 at time 00:13
 Minimum pressure        = 995.3 mb on day 01 at time 00:00
 Maximum windspeed       = 23.0 mph on day 01 at time 23:56
 Maximum gust speed      = 32.2 mph  from 158 °(SSE) on day 01 at time 23:46
 Daily wind run          = 125.7miles
 Maximum heat index      = 6.1°C on day 01 at time 16:25

It's been wetter than we would have liked, and this past week the wind from the North East has exposed the draughty corners in the house, but it could have been much worse. And by yesterday it was so warm that we sat outside for dinner. The figures below are for 30th March.

 Average temperature     = 11.2°C
 Average humidity        = 78%
 Average dewpoint        = 7.5°C
 Average barometer       = 1015.0 mb
 Average windspeed       = 12.4 mph
 Average gustspeed       = 16.7 mph
 Average direction       = 61° (ENE)
 Rainfall for month      = 2.12 in.
 Rainfall for year       = 12.56 in.
 Rainfall for day        = 0.00 in.
 Maximum rain per minute = 0.00 in. on day 30 at time 23:59
 Maximum temperature     = 16.1°C on day 30 at time 14:59
 Minimum temperature     = 7.8°C on day 30 at time 00:52
 Maximum humidity        = 86% on day 30 at time 07:28
 Minimum humidity        = 64% on day 30 at time 16:48
 Maximum dewpoint        = 10.5°C on day 30 at time 13:20
 Minimum dewpoint        = 5.0°C on day 30 at time 0:06
 Maximum pressure        = 1016.5 mb on day 30 at time 00:05
 Minimum pressure        = 1013.7 mb on day 30 at time 17:56
 Maximum windspeed       = 20.7 mph on day 30 at time 04:59
 Maximum gust speed      = 27.6 mph  from 068 °(ENE) on day 30 at time 04:40
 Daily wind run          = 285.5miles
 Maximum heat index      = 16.1°C on day 30 at time 14:59

March is a sort of transition month. We begin in winter, all the stock inside, keeping an eye on silage stocks etc and calculating that it will last out this year. The hedges are still dormant so we continue with hedge laying. By the end of the month this years hedging is done, new plants (Hazel, Hawthorn, Alder and Oak) planted and miles of fencing put in to protect them. Some sticks have been cleared and burned, but some fields are still too wet to travel on. The hedges and trees are all coming to life and the grass is definitely growing. So much so, that it's a race to roll it before it's too long. We can even begin to plan when the cows will go out. So fingers crossed - this is the end of winter and we're into Spring.

But it's not been all work - Henry and I have been out and about quite a bit. Not really gallivanting, but enjoying live music in local venues. Click on the links below to see (and hear) what we've been enjoying. By either booking early, or getting there early (for unallocated seats) we've been on the front row at all the gigs. Maybe not the place to be if you don't want to be within touching distance of the performers, or not willing to join in the audience interaction, but the best seats in the house.

Faustus - website
Oysterband - website
Spiers and Boden - website
Steve Knightley - website

Most of these websites have links to Facebook etc.


Friday, 28 March 2014

New Door!

We have a new door!


Thursday, 20 March 2014

A hiatus

After the destruction we've had some construction, and now we're waiting for the new door (due next week). In the meantime, we have a rather fetching (but non-opening) door.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Before . . .

Watch this space for the After photo. Action is supposed to start tomorrow!

The sun is almost shining. . .

. . . and the grass is growing - so Spring Work has started. Instead of a lazy Sunday morning (what is that?), Henry is rolling meadows, while the ground is still soft enough (but not too soft) and before the grass grows too long.

James has been planning oak trees in the wood - but leaving a few for the school visit this week, when they will watch a master craftsman at work (aka Arthur walling), and help plant some trees.

Is the start of Spring? Before we've had any proper Winter?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

On the farm today

Fencing (the hedge was laid last year but it's been too wet underfoot to fence it).

Heaping sticks and laying posts out for next bit of fencing.

And dashing muck.