Sunday, 27 July 2014

Penrith Show

Yesterday was Penrith Show - one of the highlights of the North West Dairy Shorthorn's year. There is always a good turnout of stock - not just because we have such good stock up here, but also because The North of England Calf and Showmanship competition is held at the same time. It's been held in various locations, on farm and at Auction Marts, but for several years has settled into it's slot at Penrith.

For our readers who don't know - the Calf Show has two parts - classes for the calves, and classes for the handlers. For the past few weeks Robert and Chris have been preparing; leading their chosen (by Henry and James) calves round the yard after milking, getting the calves used to being on a halter, learning how to encourage the calves to do what the handler wants and how to handle the calves and watch the judge. The day before the show the calves were washed and clipped, and by 06:15 on Show Day were loaded into the trailer with three show cows.

An early start meant there was plenty of time to unload, wash and brush up (the cows), and sit and relax.

Then a few last minutes touches - the Vice President of the Shorthorn Society fluffs up a cow's tail.

Bedded, fed and watered.

And it's not just the cows and calves that are looking their best!

Ready to go

Concentrating and remembering all the practice.

Three smart boys now

Controlling the calf

First in class!

Robert and Starbud 60th

Champion Junior Handler (and Goldie 229th)

A happy boy and calf

So, well done to Robert and Starbud 60th - Champion Junior Calf, and Reserve Overall Calf.
And to Chris and Goldie 229th - Champion Junior Handler.

And as an extra bonus to the joy of winning, the boys also got some little brown envelopes with prize money - to put away into their New Zealand holiday fund.

And what of the Strickley cows? It was not our day, the honours went to Jonathan Fisher's Mossrigg Barrington Iris, who not only won the Champion Dairy Shorthorn, but also Supreme Champion Dairy animal

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Good things coming in threes?

Is it true that good things come in three's?

Maybe it is.
Last week James found out that he had won a trip to New Zealand ("Study Trip" not a holiday!, though all the family are going).
And then on Saturday I found out I had won an Ipad case from a local farm shop.
We wondered what would be next -
Then last night night both James and myself won in the New Hutton 200 Club monthly draw - only £10 each but every little helps!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Here we go again

Second cut for clamp silage has started - James is mowing, while Henry and David are opening up the big bit, where we hope to squeeze a few more loads on top. The second smaller pit is ready and waiting. We've our fingers cross that this is a start of a few good days weather wise. Pickup will start tomorrow

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Deja vu

We came back yesterday from 9 nights in sunny Scotland, but it's as if we've never been away.
Grass is growing.
Cows are calving.
James was mowing.
Baler due this afternoon.

But it was a relaxing break.

There was a little bit of rain

Quite a lot of sun

A lot of Al Fresco cooking, from breakfast

to supper

And a lot of sleeping, inside and out

Then it was wagons roll and off back to Strickley