Monday, 14 September 2015

Strickley's Best Triathlete

I know he doesn't live at Strickley now, but even living in Belper Rob will alway be a Strickley Robinson. For some reason he's very much into physical activity, and yesterday did his first Triathlon (Derby Trialthlon). He came in well into the top half and is already planning to do more.

He's come a long way since his bike had three wheels and he wore woolly mittens.

And now he doesn't need to wear a sack to run.

I think photography has improved as well!


A Grand Day Out

Last Thursday was Westmorland County Show. We've been showing there since the family took on the farm in 1875. In those days it was just sheep and produce, but for a long time cow it's just been in the Dairy Shorthorn Classes.

It was a good day for the Strickley Herd; the judge, Ian Collins from Yorkshire must have liked our cows.

Heifer in Calf      
1st    Strickley Starlet 133rd

Heifer in Milk, having calved under 3 years  
2nd    Strickley Lady Hermione 22nd

Cow in Milk, having calved twice
1st   Strickley Barrington Dot 21st

Cow in Milk, having calved three times or more
1st   Strickley Starbud 48th
3rd   Strickley Starbud 49th

and also first in -

Group of Three
Pair of Females


Reserve Junior Champion (Strickley Lady Hermione 22nd)

and finally!

Champion Dairy Shorthorn (Strickley Starbud 48th)
Reserve Champion (Strickley Barrington 21st)

And now a few photographs (some from The Dairy Shorthorn Facebook page).

The day before - washed and clipped

A final wash at the showground

Heading back to the cattle tent

Lady Hermione 22nd

 Barrington Dot 21st

Brrington Dot 22nd and Starbud 48th

Two happy farmers with the judge

and back to the day job for the Champion

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

You know you're getting old . . .

. . . when the youngest grandchild starts school.

Good Luck Quinn!

and a belated 
Good Luck to Robert
who started secondary school last week.

It's not often we can all get together now - and even rarer that we get all the children together in one photograph with no one pulling silly faces, so this one is from 2011.