Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Boring Bank Holiday

What did you do on Bank Holiday Monday? Went to the seaside? Walked in the country? Queued at a DIY store or Garden Centre? I bet not many of you stood on top of a hill and watched a drill bore slowly into the earth.

After waiting so long for the return of the drill I was really excited and was on top of Wellbank with my camera to capture all the action. I had forgotten how long it took to get anywhere last time (or to accept that we weren't getting anywhere) and had not realised how cold and exposed it was. The drill was levelled up (so it would go straight down to Australia and not veer off and come up in the next county) and we were ready to go.

One by one lengths of pipe (not sure if that's the right word) were screwed onto the drill bit and it slowly bored itself into the ground.

It went through the Top Soil and Sub Soil, leaving a very fine tilth on the surface.

And then through more stony stuff.

There are correct geological terms for the various layers, which I'll add in my Final Report. But when we left off last night, we had gone down about 34 feet and not reached the limestone rock (where apparently we may find water).
To be continued.
And of course, no Bank Holiday would be complete without a visit to casualty . . .

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