Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Silage 2016

Well, this is the first year we will be "going it alone" all season. Last year we took the brave/foolhardy/wise decision to invest in a Forage Wagon, and not rely on a contractor. We didn't have it for first cut (and the scheduling difficulties then partly made our minds up). You can read all about it here .

But this year not only do have the mighty machine (and a shiny new tractor), but a big new silage pit!
On Sunday evening James headed out with the (same old) mower and Henry gave the pit a final sweep. It looked very empty.

As ever we started cutting in the Teapot Field, so it was handy for the photographer.

I don't venture far into the field, so you can't really see how much grass there is. A lot apparently. But our Man in the Field took this.

James finished mowing about 10.30 pm, and next morning Henry started scaling.

Late afternoon there was a loud beep from a tractor horn - a signal that I was to rush to the usual spot and take a photo of "rowing up".

And this year there is no waiting for the contractor, so James wasn't far behind  . . .

. . . .putting the first grass in the new pit.

But it didn't all go according to plan; despite the BBC Weather Forecast and our seaweed promising a fine evening, we were struck by a heavy localised shower, So it was a relatively early night.

Things are almost going to plan today (a slight two hour stoppage re a broken link), but grass continues to come in.

Then it's back for more . . .

Don't forget - you can watch an action packed video from last year

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