Wednesday, 15 July 2015

It's silage time, but different

Twenty Seven years ago we were the proud owners of a JF Forage Harvester and we managed all the silaging ourselves. It seemed to take forever as we fitted it in between milkings and breakdowns. For the next twenty six (and a half) years we used a contractor. A bigger more reliable machine, and extra work force meant it was all done a bit quicker. But the contractor had to be booked (and everyone round about wanted him at more or less the same time), and extra help found for carting. But nonetheless it worked for us. But this year didn't go quite as smoothly and after much deliberation we took the plunge and bought a Forage Wagon. For those not in the know this is a machine (the size of a large trailer), that picks up the grass, chops it and then when you drive it to the pit, shoves it out. So, in theory we can manage with three people. Henry milking/doing up then scaling and rowing up, David buckraking and James in his new toy.

So far, so good (and I only had to make up three lunchboxes.)
Now - will this video work? It's a low resolution version - and any shakiness or wobbling is the fault of the camera woman.

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