Friday, 20 August 2010


I'm sitting in a cool (very efficient air-conditioning) office watching the rain beating against the window. Four days ago I was sitting outside the caravan, sipping a cooling drink and thinking it was just a bit too hot. We've been trying to get away all summer - but have either been too busy with farm work (weather and silaging wait for no man) or entertaining guests. But at last there was a chink in clouds and on Sunday we headed north, caravan in tow. Not too far north - we didn't want to spend the time travelling. Just over an hour later we were set up at Englethwaite Hall with no plans, schedules, lists or deadlines.

So we had 3 days and nights doing nothing more taxing than a bit of shopping and a bit of sightseeing - where we got the chance play with out new toy.

The next few weeks on the calendar seem to be filled in for most days - North West Herd Competition, James away judging South Wales herd, Friends of the Lake District Farm Walk at Strickley, Dairy Event , Westmorland Show. It's a good job we enjoy what we do!

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