Friday, 23 November 2007

Dry as a bone

This week has seen the start of Strickley's bid for Independence - Independence from the Utility Companies, as a team of drillers (who have never failed to find water) sunk a test bore at the top of the Teapot Field. They quickly whizzed through soft soil, then the tungsten drill bit slowed down as it hit the blue granite. 120 metres later (below sea level) and no water. The consensus is that we're in the wrong place and today we will decide where to try next.

Our own geological expert (Dr. L. A. Robinson, B.Sc.Hons., Ph.D., PGCE, Adv.Dip.Ed) has been taking a keen interest and will I hope provide a full technical account in due course.


derekt said...

Why not try water-divining? OK, I was a sceptic, too, before my sister proved I could do it - and if I can, anyone can!
Cut and bend two lengths of stiff wire (eg ex coat-hanger). Push each short length into some bamboo "handles" (so wire is free to move). Take one handle in each hand. Then walk your chosen site (guesswork?), thinking hard "clean water, clean water ...".
"Prof Rob" may not approve - but it worked for me in Spain, why not for you?
Judith sends her (still sceptic!) greetings to all!

Strickley said...

Watch this space ......